My thoughts on Brawlhalla

So I recently downloaded Brawlhalla on my PC from Steam, because it's one of the few modern games my laptop can actually run without more than 4-5 seconds of lag 🤣. It was pretty good, and I got completely hooked on to it. It's been little over a week, but I've already played 30 hours on it. It's really cool, and they have regular crossovers with TV shows, and they release legends pretty often.

So Brawlhalla is basically a fighting game in which you control a "Legend", and fight other players. You are all in Valhalla, so they get to put in different legends with lots of cool backstories. In a normal match, you face off against 3 other players on a small set of platforms, and try to hit each other as much as possible, in the objective of getting your opponents' damage bar closer to dark red. The closer they are, the farther they get knocked back when they get hit, and if you knock someone out of the screen you get a K.O.

Th objective is to get as many K.O.s as possible, although each week there is a different game mode that you can play, like FootBrawl.

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