The Game Vocabulary

To interact with TAF you must provide commands.

Some commands will load games, save,games, and allow with the TAF program itself. These are called system commands.

Commands that interact with the currently loaded game are called user commands. These commands allow the player to perform actions such as moving around the landscape of the game and interacting with objects and problems.

System commands are built into TAF. There's a selection of user commands built into TAF too, but these are supplemented by the commands that are defined within each game itself. Game authors are not restricted to the vocabulary that is hard-coded into the TAF platform. This flexibility brings a tremendous power to TAF games. They can utilise whatever commands and language the game authors thinks is most appropriate for the type of game.

If a game is set wholly or partially on a pirate ship for example, the game author may choose to use nautical terms like avast, belay, or dip the eye as commands in the game.

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