Why Virtual Escape Rooms Are Better

There's a whole bunch of reasons that virtual escape rooms are a better team building exercise than physical escape rooms.

  1. They're moderator-led sessions, so you get feedback on the team's interactions and a transcript of the team's game play.
  2. Because a virtual escape room can involve activities that you can't do in real life, the team really needs to think outside of the box.
  3. They're the most cost-effective way to conduct enough sessions to put all of your staff through a session.
  4. We come to you, so there's no dead time spent in travelling.
  5. Our game play can take place outside, in the virtual landscape. You're not limited to the classic escape room setting of a single room, with a secret adjoining room.
  6. Players can be do dangerous things that you couldn't allow in real life. For example:

    a) Mix powder and water to make a powerful acid, and then drip it into a lock.
    b) Use fire to boil water, or burn through a wall, or send a smoke signal ...
    c) Run along the roof of a train!
    d) Climb a rope into an attic room.
    e) Shoot an arrow trailing a cord and then zip wire between two buildings.
    f) Swim through flooded tunnels.
    g) I could go on all day ...

  7. Do impossible things like travel by teleportation, kill zombies, use invisibility cloaks...

All of this makes our interactive fiction sessions engaging, compelling, and genuinely immersive.

And all accomplished through the power of the written word.

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