A Test Drive In More Ways Than One - Part One

After a long haul from North Wales to an overnight stop in Perth, then onward travel to Ullapool and a two and a half hour ferry crossing we're finally here: back on the Isle of Lewis and Harris, to see family.

It was a test drive for the new (to me) car, a 12-month old Kia Rio 2 ISG, navigating by means of Waze on my phone linked via Android Auto to the 7" head unit in the car. The car was perfect, Waze was amazing.

Also astonishing was the drive from Perth to Aviemore. Once we cleared Perth's gravitational field there was no other vehicle in front of us or behind us all the way to Aviemore.

Final part of the test drive triumvirate is going to be an inaugural flight of TAF with some family members while we're here.

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