Curating vs Consuming

We had a discussion in my cohort the other day. So what is the difference between someone who curates versus one who consumes?

First of all, the consumer. The consumer sucks everything in, reads about all the new tools, learns the newest tricks, and plays on the coolest new toys. They accomplish little, though they may learn quite a bit. There is a good chance not many people even know who they are beyond a twitter handle or a stripe account.

On the other hand, we have the curator. Like the consumer, they are learning and taking stuff in. But there is a difference. The curator stops consuming and shares what they have consumed with others. This could be simply by blogging about it or building something new with the acquired knowledge. There is a good chance we even know who they are, seen them around the web, or maybe heard others mention their name.

So why does this matter? It may not. But if you are looking to build a career, find that new gig, maybe you just want to be well known. Then be a curator. Get your name out there and let people understand you don't only know things, but you know how to put them in action and make use of them. This can go a long way when it comes interview time and the prospective employer has already stalked you on the internet. Let them know who you are before you tell them who you are.

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