I am grateful for my physical health.
Through 2020, there was no point when I feared I may have the 'vid. I didn't consider getting tested. The closest symptom I had was tight lungs after exerting myself in the cold air.
Although I'm still a little podgier than before, the winter, I've drunken and eaten less than I usually would in a typical Christmas season. Especially alcohol. I got drunk twice in December. This has probably helped with remaining moderately active. Walks and runs in the fresh air. I hope the extra layer around the belly will be short-lived as the days become longer and life returns.
I am grateful too for the health of my family and friends. The 'vid has not made a victim of anyone I'm very close to. Nor have they died or physically suffered significantly from other causes. Perhaps one family member has experienced some ill health but not spoken so much about it yet. I will ask them more about it next time we speak. In a year when health has been at the forefront of media and minds, this good fortune is something to be especially grateful for.
I should not take for granted that this luck will continue. We're able to focus on other things because the healthful grounding is there. Who knows when chaos will rear it's head, smashing through the previously solid ground and trying to pull us down. I am grateful that time has not yet come.

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