I am grateful that science is finally permitted again to research the affects of psychedelic substances.

For too long, the post-60s misinformation campaign of politicians and the media has kept people ignorant. The tide has begun to turn. It won't be long until the stigma and ignorance have been swept away like so much other superstition, by solid peer-reviewed science. And remember that big Pharma does not hold the patents to these drugs. So their corrupting influence on the published body of knowledge (e.g. see the publication bias in anti-depressant research) will be drastically reduced.

The studies which are flowing out of the approved labs leave us in no doubt: these chemicals will treat important mental conditions for countless people.

I am grateful for the scientists who are conducting the research. Many of them had to overcome serious stigma to start working in this area. I also appreciate the work of people presenting this research to the public, myself included. Popular podcasters such as Sam Harris and Joe Rogan deserve some credit for helping the research results translate into public understanding. Any newspapers that starting to move toward more honest reporting on the topic deserve our respect too, especially if they're able to do this against the wishes of their advertising income. How about some mainstream TV News and Series next?

Finally - to the 'sitters'. The people that accompany the psychonauts and keep them safe, making the experience all it can be. Kudos to you guys, keep on sitting!

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