First Entry

I've stumbled upon a couple of Twitter threads and pieces in the past few weeks that encourage people to write. Coupled with this new, beautifully redesigned Listed, an urge hit me and I decided to take up the challenge and actually try to write for a bit. I'm not sure if starting this blog is me officially entering the 100-day writing challenge, but I guess I'll figure that out in the coming days.

Most of my writing over the years has been poetry. It wasn't good poetry, it wasn't meant to be shared or shown to anyone. It was just an attempt to capture and express my emotions with a thrown together word soup that served little purpose except getting my thoughts out of myself. Besides poetry, I've been keeping a private journal for years, and had a (very cringy) blog back in my high school days. Back when I thought I knew something about music but actually knew nothing.

One of the things I'm hoping this blog will help me with is getting my head in order a bit. I'm going through a bit of a crisis and I'm just lost. It's a normal thing to go through. Question your decisions and the path you took. Wondering if you can or should alter course. You're not going to succeed unless you're absolutely sure it's the right thing to do, and then just go and do it.

I've been typing up and editing this entry for almost 45 minutes. I don't think that that was my original idea. I'm just going to publish this as is and go back to work, or at least try to. Hopefully blogging isn't going to be yet another procrastination technique.

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