UNDISCLOSED is a project started by Headphone Commute in 2015. It is a collection of EPs from various anonymous electronic artists. The idea was to let established artists release work that they otherwise might never have, with no strings attached, exploring styles that lay outside of their usual.

Every EP has a color, the name of the EP is that color's hex code, and every track's title is a Roman numeral corresponding to its place in the tracklist. That's it. No (real) titles, no artist names, nothing. Just music.

I love the idea. And I love some of the music that I heard, which is only about half. But everything I did hear had some kind of special vibe to it, even if I didn't love it. I don't know if it's the anonymity "placebo" coupled with rose tinted glasses of the past (it's been a while since I listened to anything else than a couple of favorites) making the music more than it is, but there was something about it.

Receiving an email about the project's official departure from the internet in a month or so was kind of sad. Even though the project has been on hiatus since 2016., I remembered it from time to time and hoped it would continue. Though it getting removed from the internet entirely does seem kind of fitting.

So I'm going to buy the entire set of 10 EPs, kick back and listen through them all. Looking forward to the journey.

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