After putting out my first EP late last year and taking a short break, I've been working on more, different music. I didn't want to write the same things over and over, so I actively tried to widen my scope and write something different. However, it's been a few months and I still have no clear direction in mind for my next EP. I do have a couple of songs finished, but they're really quite different and I don't know if I can put them together. They don't feel like they belong on the same EP and I don't see which of the "creative threads" I should follow first.

I'm writing this in the hopes of coming up with something while writing, and I think it might've worked. I've always wanted to work on expansive, textural works, something that is repetitive on the surface but always different. Where the differences lead your ear through the song, so you're never bored if you listen carefully. I produced a song like that, I think it does a passable job of that. Maybe diving a bit deeper in that direction should be my idea.

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