Something Interesting This Year

Something interesting I got invested in this year is a video game titled Fraymakers. It is a game coming out most likely next year that was announced earlier in 2021. The main premise is that it is a fighting game featuring characters from many other popular games that all share the similarity that they were developed by a team of very few people rather than a large company. These kinds of games are called indie games. When they announced it this year, they released what's called a Kickstarter, where fans can donate money for rewards, such as exclusive art or early access, in order to fund the games development, as well as a place where developers can post updates and backer exclusive bits to let people know how the production is going. The donation period usually lasts for 30 days and in this scenario, if they didn't reach their donation goal within the time limit, they would not go through with production and everyone who donated would not be charged. However, in this case, the goal of 40,000 US dollars was surpassed in only 3 hours. By the end, the Kickstarter received over 400,000 dollars. My friend and I both donated and have been following its progress very closely and are very excited to play together when it comes out, hopefully early next year.

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