Peter Singer Response

In Peter Singer's essay titled HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT IMMORAL, he argues that countries should legalize same sex relations and marriage. He talks about how they were banned on the idea of morality which our perception of has since changed as time progresses. During the beginning of the document he writes, "India’s prohibition of homosexuality dates back to 1861, when the British ruled the subcontinent and imposed Victorian morality upon it. It is ironic, therefore, that Britain has long ago repealed its own similar prohibition..." This section is a good example of his argument on how morality has changed over the years. Another part he argues against is that people consider it "unnatural." to this he responds, "...we might just as well say that using artificial sweeteners is a 'perversion of our sense of taste,' which exists so that we can detect nourishing food. We should beware of equating 'natural' with good.'" This example is yes another good argument as it takes something else people might have a more understanding view of and compares them. This essay was written in 2006 and the conversation has continued since then. In fact, in 2018, India's supreme court has legalized gay sex and other countries are moving forward as well. I personally see this as a good thing and hope that one day LGBT identities can receive the same rights and compassion that other do.

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