I'm working on Popcons and might be working on some other stuff in the future, idk.

v03 dropping on the Play Store.

In this update I've changed colours and changed the default banners. The following icons have also been added: Logseq Syncthing Fork Goodtime Productivity Delta Icon Pack Backdrops Screenshots have also been changed for the Play Store listing. ...
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Popcons Information

Hi, I'm making an icon pack that's free and (technically?) open source. Someone's gonna help me with that one, haha. I'm going to be using the Blueprint dashboard (https://github.com/jahirfiquitiva/Blueprint) as an app to package the icon pack. I'm gonna publish it on the Play Store, F-droid (if possible) and host an apk somewhere. Any help with icon requests would be appreciated and even designs if you can. (shoot me a DM if you're interested so I can forward you the base design file). For...
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