@holisticyn Let me get this off my chest, because it’s been brewing for a long time. 💔

For those who are currently sitting in the comfort of their homes screaming ‘Stay home and save lives‘, waving your fingers and tutting at those who want to get back to work, labelling them ‘selfish’ & ‘heartless’ I just need to point out a few things.

YES...MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE DYING ! But they aren’t dying of C0VID. In fact, they aren’t even dying of diseases. But your compliance is helping these deaths.

5,561,517 People and counting have died of hunger since January 2020.

By the end of this year, UNICEF is estimating up to 12 MILLION people will starve to death. A further 149 MILLION will suffer crisis level hunger or worse 😞

The WHO says is will cost $7+ billion to solve world hunger.

So far Billy Boy Gates ‘GAVI Institute’ alone has raised $8.8 billion? For a vaccine for C0VID ? Where are our priorities? Stopping deaths, or lining the pockets of vaccine manufacturers?

STOP 🤚 Swallowing the utter lies that these shutdowns are meant to save lives!
When the first world shuts down, what do you think happens to the third world?

Economic shutdowns exacerbate existing inequalities & vulnerabilities while pushing hundreds of millions of people into food insecurity as a result of spiraling unemployment & the economic disruption.

The dramatic slowdown in the global economy, coupled with severe restrictions on movement, has resulted in mass job losses globally over the last few months. With no income or social support, millions of people cannot afford enough to eat.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that the equivalent of 305 million full-time jobs have been lost because of the plandemic, with women and young people especially hard hit. Up to half a billion people could be pushed into poverty as a result.

So the next time you tell me to shut up, be compliant, stay home & “save lives”... is it just your life that’s worth saving?

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