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"In my article on The Science and Law of Refusing to Wear Masks I looked at how Western political scientists have gazed enviously at the measures for population surveillance and control employed in East-Asian countries and above all in China, and have challenged liberal democracies in the West to overcome their history of civil rights to implement equivalent measures under new legislation that will accommodate their restrictions of civil liberties and intrusions into our private lives. To get an idea of where we’re heading in the UK, these are just some of the surveillance technology and programmes already being used by the governments of China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan to track, monitor and control their populations during the coronavirus crisis:

Mass surveillance of mobile phone, rail, and flight data to track down individuals who had travelled to affected regions.;

Deployment of hundreds of thousands of neighbourhood monitors to log the movements and temperatures of individuals;

Integration of health and other databases so that hospitals, clinics and chemists can access the travel information of their patients;

Tracking down individuals suspected of being infected through access to their credit card transactions and CCTV footage;
Enforcement of self-quarantine through location-tracking smartphone apps in compulsory wristbands;

Requirement of Government-issued identity cards in order to buy SIM cards or tickets on state-run rail companies and airlines;

Employment of colour-coded smartphone apps that tag people as green, indicating they are free to travel through city checkpoints, or as orange or red, indicating they are subject to degrees of restriction on movement;

Use of facial recognition algorithms to identify commuters who aren’t wearing a mask or who aren’t wearing one properly;
Use of robotic dogs to patrol parks to ensure compliance with social distancing measures and other Government guidance and Regulations;

Making refusal to comply with these measures an offense punishable by a fine or arrest.

So what equivalent and similar measures has the UK Government introduced under the cloak of the coronavirus crisis?"


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