Chanda Morse on Instagram- “Rule #1- always question EVERYTHING

shine.with.chanda Rule #1- always question EVERYTHING... including Hydrochloroquine.

I’ve been leery of this “miracle cure” since hearing about for several reasons. First and foremost- it is a pharmaceutical and I trust nothing that comes from Pharm. EVER. There have also been those reports circulating from a 2005 publication from NIH touting HCQ as a “cure and a vaccine” for coronavirus and people are acting like this is a good thing. Since when has the NIH and Fauci EVER had our best interest in mind? The answer is NEVER. And then there’s the lab that makes Corona, CA🥴.

Then there’s all the facts and stats about HCQ that are extremely concerning. It looks like chemtrails, smart dust, 5G, and HCQ are a match made in hell.

▪Hydroxychloroquine enables nanoparticles to be delivered to any part of the body. Thats perfect to deliver their nanotechnology and hydrogel straight to our brain.

◾️HCQ contains black iron oxide which is a powerful magnetic- and the unique superparamagnetic behavior of iron oxide nanoparticles allows them to be manipulated magnetically from a distance- which has serious implications considering we are CONSTANTLY surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFS/5G).

▪CHLOROQUINE also makes cells MORE susceptible to radiation. (Think microwave ovens, x-rays, MRIs, cell phones, wifi, earbuds, 5/6G).

◾️HCQ also contains polysorbate 80- which breaks the blood-brain barrier, allowing the permeation of toxins and nanotech to our cells and brain.

◾️and even more suspect, a PubMed study dated October 2020 🤨 repurposes FDA approved iron oxide nanoparticles to treat and control COVID-19 infection- so this is already planned.

◾️straight from Sanofis HCQ fact sheet: “chloroquine....may elicit both gene mutations and chromosomal/DNA breaks”

So whether it’s the 💉 or HCQ- Pharm wins and they get their poison, nanotech, DNA altering biotech in us regardless. Is this why they’ve created so much drama with HCQ? How do you get people to want something? Create a shitload of attention by releasing a video, making it go viral, and then pulling it in 24 hrs. Now the whole country is talking about HCQ.

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