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Corona and Us - Self-determined aging and dying

You haven't asked us - but we will speak anyway!
We are citizens in the age range of 64 - 78 years. Many of us have pre-existing conditions. According to the official definition we all belong to the risk group. The thought of being part of a risk group amazes us. We are not afraid of the corona virus. Respect yes, fear no. We take a holistic approach to maintaining an intact immune system. We do not see death and dying as a risk. There has always been dying in our families. We have accompanied people in their dying ourselves: our parents, friends, acquaintances. We see dying as a meaningful last act and therefore part of a good life, even if it includes pain, suffering and grief. If we should fall ill or die with or from the virus, we wish to have the people close to us, able to be around us.

As much as we welcome the fact that human life is finally being placed above economic values, we are horrified by the way the mechanistic world view is being taken to extremes here. What is being pronounced as important is purely physical survival. What is being subordinated to this with incomprehensible rigor is everything that makes life worth living at all. We do not want that! Not for us; and not at the price millions of people are paying for it.

For us it is not simply survival that counts as an absolute value, but the quality of life until the last breath. When our time has come, let us die, even from or with the corona virus. We are mature and self-reflective enough to be sure that this is our will. We refuse to put the responsibility for our health at the end of life solely in the hands of so-called health experts, politicians and authorities. Our greatest personal concern is of being caught up in the corona machine and no longer be able to determine how we die. Our greatest personal hope is to find a doctor in case of emergency who will leave us and our relatives the dignity which everyone has a right to in being sick and dying.
We call out to people of all ages: you do not have to close your shops and restaurants, stay at home, avoid churches, put on masks or accept other restrictions of social life on our behalf! We trust yours and our common sense and natural ability to cooperate and care for each other.

What concerns us above all is the disquiet we experience for our fundamental rights, which have been so comprehensively and quickly suspended in the name of solidarity. To experience this is absolutely disillusioning with regard to the security of our social and political system. Similarly, the role of the media : one-sided, panic-inducing 'news' has so far outweighed sober and differentiated reporting, which would help responsible citizens to form their own opinion. Does no one trust us to be considerate and responsible on the basis of our own insight? In view of such a worldwide shake-up of our visions of the future, would not everything be needed that promotes life confidence, self-empowerment and competence in dealing with uncertainty and ignorance? Instead of being told by authorities what to do?

We call upon politicians
• Stop creating fears or prescribing measures on the basis of uncertain or missing plausible facts.
• Provide us with facts and figures that allow us citizens to reach reasonable conclusions for ourselves and use our common sense.
• Make us responsible as responsible citizens. Stop with regulations and bans that affect the whole population. Count on us that together with our doctors, we see ourselves in a position to come to an assessment of our personal risk situation and to act accordingly.
• Stop the idea of compulsory vaccination. This way does not fight the evil at the root but targets just the symptom. We do not accept this.
• Stop relying on a one-dimensional thinking which merely thinks in terms of a vaccine.
• Convene interdisciplinary consultation rounds that have a comprehensive systemic view of health-preserving and disease-causing living conditions and can thus arrive at balanced, moderate strategies for action. Involve citizens and makes these consultations transparent.
• maintain and promote resilience (resistance) as well as medicines and vaccines.
• Count on us when it comes to the future after the crisis. We do not want a 1:1 return to the old normality.

We call on the media
• Provide data and facts - in all their contradictions, but significant and without obfuscation. No absolute figures without plausible reference values.
• Share the assessments of experts in the whole range of debate.
• End the one-sided, panic-inducing selection of information.

We call on ALL
Let us learn from this crisis. Let us use the current cessation of habitual life routines to reflect on what is essential for a good life. Let us realign the future, towards a culture of connectedness with people and with nature, towards the better world we dream of. This would be the most lasting tribute to the immense sacrifices being made by people around the world these days.


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