Zach Fresa on FB- 7,708 people in the US die every day

Zach Fresa on FB: 7,708 people in the US die every day, normally. 2.8 million every year. Has this increased in 2020? By how much? Beyond normal variation? (nothing in the world is ever constant). And if there is an increase beyond normal variation, how much of the increase is due to medical malpractice driven by hysterical narrative and psychotic policy?
The data from Sweden, because I live there. Life is normal here. No lockdowns. No masks. Death is also normal. That means: people die.

Why do people die?

Because we are not immortal.

The coronavirus narrative is premised in whole and in part on insanity and a psychotic denial of the most basic realities:

  1. we are biological
  2. the world is biological
  3. We swim in a world of viri and bacteria fecund and abundant beyond our imagination.
  4. if this were not so, then life would not exist (and we would not exist).
  5. While dying, people become because of age or injury unable to raise an immune response against anything in this world (even a spoon of spicy soup would do it), and they die, at normal rates which has never surprised anyone, until now.
  6. a concern with “cases” is like a concern with “testing positive” for nitrogen, or oxygen, or carbon (get a grip; it’s everywhere, in you, in everyone, in the living, the dying, and the dead)
  7. About 1% of the human population die every year normally. That’s 2.8 million people in the US every year, 7,708 people in the US EVERY DAY, normally
  8. regarding 7: “people are dying!”. That’s right. You expected what exactly? Immortaity? No death? Everyone lives forever? Did I ask, Are you psychotic?
  9. Now is the age of superstition, witch hunting, irrationality. Everything formerly known is forgotten. Death never seen before, death, some new specter
  10. now the war on death - lock ourselves in chains. Zero tolerance: “give us immortality, zero death, death to death, even a single death is intolerable. Enslave and lock us up, discard us until death is no more!” - the psychotic chant of the deranged, the 21st century normal, the hymn of the brain dead


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