Look into Denis Rancourt's first Excess Mortality paper

Not the newer one. He explains in some detail why there is little value in categorizing deaths by what is written on a death certificate, because those are often politicized guesses.

If you look at All Cause Excess mortality, it is pretty predictable for a given region, year to year, with a big peak around Jan-Feb, which is known as "flu-season".

On rare occasions, some exceptional event will cause a spike... from Rancourt's 2nd Excess Mortality paper, where they include data from France, there's a very easy to see spike caused by a severe heat wave several years ago.

However, in the 2019-2020 flu season, there was no spike, even as we were told the virus was starting to run rampant. The spike specifically happened after Gates bribed the WHO into declaring the pandemic, then there was an IMMEDIATE huge spike in March, which has never before been seen since these records have been kept in 1946.

That is not the way epidemics work. That spike was not caused by a disease. It was caused by government over-reactions to a disease. It was caused by panic, by forcing sick people back into nursing homes to prepare for a huge wave of hospitalizations that never came. It was caused by hospitalizing people who didn't need to be there, and then quickly their conditions would decline from being stuck in bed, and they would go on ventilators, which quickly killed them. The spike was also caused by governors and hospital administrators issuing illegal UNIVERSAL DNR orders.

In short, all of the excess mortality of this year can be directly traced to government overreactions.



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