Strawberry/Chocolate Swirl 2/100 #100Days

I actually made it. I forgot all day, and at 23:44, I actually remembered to write. Life is beautiful, and it is a challenge to master one's self. Our internal world/sea takes a lot of energy to calm. But once it is, it is definitely worth it. I have been on that path; relaxing and calming my internal waters. I have felt benefits such as lots of extra energy, and feeling amazing. Having great intution to make decisions and being overall aligned. But of course, if one doesn't take the time and energy to integrate the shadow and also deal with their demons, this state fluctuates, and that is where I am at now. I am working to bring things back into alignment, but it takes a little more time.

Thank you life. Thank you love. 

I am so thankful for this life I have, and the many loved ones that have been placed here, along my path. Gracias para todo, Universo.

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