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When you're full

I think one of the most important skill you can have is noticing when you're full of information. Starting the day by scrolling through all notification on your phone, reading the news and then some mails? That alone could be enough for a day. Remember our brain is still in the stone age. We react to stressful situations the same way as our ancestors would seeing a Saber-toothed tiger. Noticing when you're full is a key skill. Do you feel distracted and can't think straight? That's maybe beca...
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Social Media Fatique

Nothing new, really. Although I love being informed about things I need to stop using Reddit/Twitter. It is just incredibly time consuming and often frustrating as well. It's not a new years resolution. I have downgraded my time incrementally in the last weeks. Deleted Instagram, Twitter and Reddit App on my phone. I am slowly getting my time and mental health back. ...
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Note 1

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