When you're full

I think one of the most important skill you can have is noticing when you're full of information.

Starting the day by scrolling through all notification on your phone, reading the news and then some mails? That alone could be enough for a day. Remember our brain is still in the stone age. We react to stressful situations the same way as our ancestors would seeing a Saber-toothed tiger.

Noticing when you're full is a key skill. Do you feel distracted and can't think straight? That's maybe because you're full. Bad sleeping patterns or back pain? It all can stem from too much screen time. Don't fool yourself. You're going to loose the battle against yourself.

You are made of legs that has been developed to literally run your pray to death. Your brain is a complex calculating machine that only works well with the right amount of information. Your back is made for either running, standing or laying on the ground. Sitting more than a few hours is not part of the plan.

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