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Bad Habits in the Days of CoViD 19

As much as we may hope people will continue to do the right thing I don't count on it lasting. The more restrictions that are in place and the longer we're under them the more likely it is that people will rebel and act out. As afraid and powerless as many of us feel even a small spark is likely to inflame a lot of people. To keep things calm as long as possible show people you're doing things that at least seem like they should be effective, let people do things that help them feel safe, and let people exercise some bad habits to help distract them. Basically allow people to feel they have some control over their own lives:

  1. Establish real quarantines.
  2. Shut down non commercial driving for anything other than attending a necessary job, medical appointments, and food shopping. (Can be enforced at parking lots)
  3. Allow community businesses (that people can walk to) to remain open so long as reasonable precautions are in place.
    1. Be particularly careful to allow gun store and shooting ranges to remain open so people that need them to feel like they're protecting themselves can. (just don't let people drive to or from)
    2. Also be sure to allow bars, restaurants, and other places that serve alcohol to do so in limited amounts for walking customers.
    3. Take great care to allow places that sell alcohol (closed container), tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, vapor, etc. ), and marijuana products to remain open if they choose.
You don't have to like these bad habits or even marginally approve of them but tolerating them until the end of this crisis will go a log way towards keeping the peace as long as we can.

No More Half Measures

In the U. S. we're already trampling all over everyone's civil rights by denying them the ability to assemble and worship as they choose so why are we stopping short of measures that will actually allow us to end this sooner? Stop hoping that people with the virus will do the right thing and isolate themselves. Treat this like the threat to public safety it is and stop worrying about how people are going to pay for their own care. You can always go after their insurance carriers afterwards. Establish quarantine facilities where they can be isolated from the public and treated. You can do this by taking over hotels or college dorms or getting the Army or National Guard to set up field hospitals (or some combination thereof) Additionally, anyone known to have been in close contact with those that have the virus (like their caregivers or members of their household) should be placed in a separate quarantine facility where they can be monitored during the usual incubation period.

No more half measures. If you're going to trample all over our civil rights at least make sure it's for something that works. And do it now. Do it before we have to fully quarantine entire communities.

No More Business as Usual

I'm ashamed that it's proven necessary to say anything but the last thing we can afford right now is the usual power games that come with politics as usual. The only things we care about are how quickly we can end this and how soon we can recover after. Anyone that tries to use this to gain more power for themselves or their party will find themselves out of a job the next time we have the chance to vote. I wouldn't count on the usual apathy either. There are a lot of us stuck at home right now and TV, Social Media, and video games only go so far which means you all have the undivided attention of a lot more people than you usually do. Surprise us by putting your neighborhood, community, and country before your own self interests.