No More Half Measures

In the U. S. we're already trampling all over everyone's civil rights by denying them the ability to assemble and worship as they choose so why are we stopping short of measures that will actually allow us to end this sooner? Stop hoping that people with the virus will do the right thing and isolate themselves. Treat this like the threat to public safety it is and stop worrying about how people are going to pay for their own care. You can always go after their insurance carriers afterwards. Establish quarantine facilities where they can be isolated from the public and treated. You can do this by taking over hotels or college dorms or getting the Army or National Guard to set up field hospitals (or some combination thereof) Additionally, anyone known to have been in close contact with those that have the virus (like their caregivers or members of their household) should be placed in a separate quarantine facility where they can be monitored during the usual incubation period.

No more half measures. If you're going to trample all over our civil rights at least make sure it's for something that works. And do it now. Do it before we have to fully quarantine entire communities.

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