One day the Sun woke up

This is a little story(board) I wrote many years ago.

One day the Sun woke up, every human was gone.
Sun looked first in east, then in west,
but nowhere they could be found.
Perhaps they'll be back tomorrow,
thought Sun, as he went home to his nest.

The following morning Sun got up a little earlier than before.
His rays were searching both high and low,
he even melted some snow.
While thinking of how they could all disappear,
Sun came across a cow and a deer.

Hi there, said Sun, have you seen anyone?
No, said Cow, but here is such fun!
No one is taking my calves and my milk,
then only later to have me killed.

What about you, Deer, have you seen someone?
No, said Deer, and why should I care?
They'd just kill me off for sports and my hair.
Do you consider that to be fair?

Then Deer and Cow both said aloud:
Please do not bother, our sunny brother.
Rather come play, we can do it all day!

I've got no time to play, said Sun and went away.
He was still wondering why the humans had left.
Or maybe it all was alien theft?

To be continued...

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