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I see a desperate lack of automation in the small and large and mid size companies. Case in point, My own employer, a mid sized, 50 year old pharma player has people employed who pick up hefty packages for rule based routine work. I do not blame the management. How could they know better. But moving forward I do see a stark change in the structure of the workforce. Irrespective of the core business of the company. I see each companies employing a 'Chief Automation Officer' either on payroll or as a consultant. Either way, their job will be extremely straight forward. Scout each employees' daily jobs, role and KRA to find tasks that fit this description -
Routine / rule based / repetitive.
With this in place, the work loads of a number of employees will be cut to half if not more. Especially in the slow moving sectors like pharma and Finance.

Alternatively, I also see companies ditching the mid manger for an exclusive programmer or software engineer who's sole job it shall be to moderate and govern these automatons.

All these changes will leave but one crucial job to the humans -
If you want to stay hired, come up with ideas. As at least, as of right now the robots are no where as creative as the best humans.

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