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Als 2020 Theme

Theme for the year

Just like massive organizations assign a theme to the year, I feel like doing the same for my personal life.
If it does some good long tailed organizations like the Church and Rotary, the idea ought to do my life some good.
To that end, I'd like to assign a theme to this year.
I have already assigned one to this decade - The deliberate decade.
Its time I dig a tad deeper give a name to the first year of this decade.
Its funny actually as I hadn't thought of this earlier. I had started learning various skills, software's and habits, it flows naturally then to call this period the year of Learning.
Yes, this year (along with other things) I would be dedicating to learning. Anything that fancies me and I've got the quota to complete, I shall take on.
Let the learning being.

the deliberate decade

I woke up to a decade of being alive, alert and deliberate.

I was born in 95. Spend the next 5 years figuring out the people, world and goodness around me.

In 2010, I'd love to say I knew where I was but I didn't. Similarly, I spent the next 10 years dealing with basic education. Really just running away from school and studies.

In 2011, I was hoping the Mayans were gonna come through on their body of work. They didn't I spent the decade again dealing with education, just this time accepting it a bit more. Highlights of this decade has got to be relationships, love and emotions. It reached its peak in its last year where I steadily gained knowledge and awareness of my being. All things were either experienced or reviewed - money, sex, relationships, spirituality, career, purpose.

Today, 2020. Wow. I am here, analyzing my life, writing this note to myself.
Blessed is life.

lessons from kshmr

Chasing a dream
Be irresponsible. Be a bum. Bums don't owe anybody any thing. Responsibilities suck the energy out of you. The more responsibilities, the lesser energy. Which is why chasing a dream right from when you are young is a great thing. Chasing dreams requires huge amounts of energy.

Use people
Pay them, give them credit. Be nice to people, then use them, then be nice to them.
See the gifts within others, then utilize them.
If you cant be used, you're useless.

Be 0 or a 100.
No one wants to hear about an idea you are half sure about. If you don't believe in it, why should someone else?
Often smart people end up not achieving much while idiots end up doing great things. The reason is simple, the smart person mulls over the 50 possibilities and best course of action while the idiot just flings himself at it. The smart idiot however improvises as he goes along.

Work with people
If you dont, you'll sit there all by yourself thinking how blessed and awesome you are while never finishing things you've started working on.

Sometimes, being first is better than being the best
Simply because, people remember the first.

Having a unique idea trumps technical skill
Many people out there have technical skill, not so many have ideas that hit.

Your work doesn't necessarily need to relate to people
People are boring. Often times they hate themselves. They look for something different, something new. Your shit can be that thing. Take that which uniquely describes you, bottle it up and present it to others.
If you could take you, extract that which is uniquely and distinctively you, some 3 or 5 features, package it into this new medium and preset it to others, that. That is something there would surely be takers for. Think Billie Eylish. Are you Billy? Was your upbringing even remotely similar? Don't lie to yourself. The answer is NO. Still, you love her music. I know I do. It is something different, unique.

Following your tune
There is probably a following for something you believe in. You'll never know till you follow it.

Differences and overlaps
It is often the pessimists who point out the differences while its the realists and smart people who point out the similarities and over laps.
Visualize your creations. Even if its an audio project. Try to imagine how it would make the consumer feel.

Build in open, share your work
Often times it is your mistake that makes you a million by a fluke. There needs to be other people in the room who will listen to your work then tell you "hey that sounds really cool, dont change it".

Just keep making shit
There is no master formula to make success. If there is one truth, then that is to just keep moving. Just keep making shit.

from noise to signal
Seek to better communicate yourself through your medium. It is not about become a success or becoming famous. Just try to realise yourself through your work.

Collaboration is key
The vocals will take your work to the next level. They are also a great sounding board. and most importantly, they put this friendly pressure on you to get shit done.

A universe in a song
Making a song is like building a universe. Since you are making it you've heard it a million times back and forth. But to a person who is listening to it for the first time (everyone). It is like entering a new universe. There are highs, lows, mids, tempo and what have you. Do not expose everything in the start itself. Much like good porn that builds on a plot, good music tells an aural story with mountains and valleys (build ups and drops).

Everything is relative
A kick by itself may be massive but if you put it adjacent to a snare of similar density it suddenly seems lack luster. Aim for contrast and harmony.

No prefect sound
Sounds are like words. They dont feel amazing until a human comes along and turns words into poetry. Just make one sound that sends one message. That offers one part of you. that's it. Dont try for it to do 10 things.

Tricking your brain into finishing things
As you continue to work on something it turns complex and devolves into this multi layer project with hundred of sub-parts and many more combinations. You no more like working on it and hence never end up finishing it. Simply because the project went from being something fun to being an exercise of solving a rubix cube. You stop being creative and kick into 'organization' mode.
At such times trick your brain.
Simply the project. Bunch similar things together. Take out the shit. The unimportant bits that you think you will not need, Take them out right in the start (you can always add them up later if you feel the need).
You have got 3 hours. The first 3 hours that you take a project in your hands. Dish out as much creativity. Figure out the perfection bit later.

Make bounces
Make it easy for you to access things you have worked on in the past. This, so that it isn't a drag connecting with your reservoir of work. Something that didn't make a hit back then may just be ripe for the present.


Never be predictable

Never be predictable or an absolute slave to a routine.

Some scientists believe that driverless cars will not work unless they learn to be irrational.

If such cars stop reliably whenever a pedestrian appears in front of them, pedestrian crossings will be unnecessary and jaywalkers will be able to marching to the road, forcing a driverless car to stop suddenly, a great discomfort to its occupants. To prevent this, driverless cars may have to learn to be angry, and you occasionally maliciously fail to stop in time and strike the pedestrian on the shins.

If you are absolutely predicable, people observed and learn your patterns. Then they hack you.

what to learn

While investing time in the method of learning sure makes sense, I also see it as potent to give a lot of time to choosing what you want to learn.
You've got limited time and energy so you need to devote time to pinpoint what you want to learn.
How do select that choice?
You may have many desires but only devote time to things that matter -
Things that -
increase happiness,
credibility / demand,
capitalize on a strength,
go beyond a life crisis

Reading and books

Reading books is not about how many books you've read or how many are in your attic.
It's about having a select few collection of books that really resonate with your personality and goals and to read them repeatedly, going back to them when you need advice.

learning x in y time

problem #opportunity #competition

Learn X in one day
Problem is, I really dont want to learn x for the sake of learning x.
I want to learn X to do Y while I am P.
If the course title does not contain XYP then I am not interested in it. Even if I can learn X in an hour, I do not care. I have no desire to know 'What a variable is' I am however, eternally interested in making a bot that auto reminds me of my follow ups or better still, does them for me. If learning what a variable is will make this goal happen then I am bloody well going to do just that.

learning software my way

I believe learning to use a software should be easy, fun and quick.
I see software as a tool. To achieve a goal. But this change in perspective came only recently.
Just until two years ago I used to think of MS office and the Adobe suit as mammoths with a steep learning curve. It is only recent, this co-relation I made between the buttons on an Oven and the buttons in Photoshop.
How much time did you take to learn how to operate a hammer? a spatula? or an oven? I doubt you'd need more than one hand to count the numbers. If your end goal is a 1 hour job, learning the tools to achieve it should only be a fraction of that time.
Now do not be mistaken. Baking the worlds best pound cake or producing a chart topper, I'm not sure how long that would take. But learning how to use an oven or a piano? that, I can surely put a number on. A one digit number that too.

Why I don't believe in online degrees

I see multiple companies selling online 'diploma' courses.
I'm not against any of those but the idea of them irks me.
In my opinion, University and higher education degrees are as much about the core concepts as they are about networking and after class chats with the knowledgeable professors.
Its about building that one to one connection with those stake holders
MOOCs or even these online Diploma organisations for that mattee cannot provide you with this.
Hence the only thing they could be considered useful is learning the core concepts of a subject in an on-demand, point to point manner.
Also, the certificates and proof documents resulting from these hold close to minimum value when pitted against a full-time MBA
Yet we have these places mascarsding as 'the future University', No.

If core concepts and self learning is all that this place has to offer, then why pay them half of what you would a university? Why not just learn the traditional way of the internet - YouTube, ebooks, blogs and torrents

This I believe is the true case. Sooner or later the bubble will burst and the high price courses will all come to their true prices.

udemy #upgrad #education #career


This is an acronym for You Ain't Gonna Need It.

Always implement things when you actually need them, never when you just foresee that you need them.

This Extreme Programming (XP) principle suggests developers should only implement functionality that is needed for the immediate requirements, and avoid attempts to predict the future by implementing functionality that might be needed later.

Adhering to this principle should reduce the amount of time and effort being wasted on functionality that brings no value.

A rival

Another player in the game who reveals to us or weaknesses.
See your competitor company or co worker as rivals

Photography is story telling

Photography is story telling and photographers are artists, a particular one at that. Not a musician or a performer but a painter.
Your calling as a photographer is to tell a story through that one frame, in that split 10th of a second of life.
Just as one would stop and admire the Monalisa at the louver, your photography too should aim to stop people in their tracks and just think about what you've created.

authority and me

“The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter, which just weeds out people who are too independent, and who think for themselves, and who don't know how to be submissive, and so on -- because they're dysfunctional to the institutions.”
― Noam Chomsky
I find this applied to myself now more than ever before.

what is storytelling

Story telling through photography

Typically, storytelling has been about a plot, a set of characters, and environment and conflict. This however would make for a very bland and basic story.

action and perception

We may often make one choice with our rational mind but end up practicing another. Sometimes these two things are exactly opposite. How could this be ? Which one is the correct one? Well, yes and yes. If someone is to ask you what kind of men are you into? you instant answer is - I'm really like intelligent men who are judicious with their spending but when in a social setting you are almost immediately attracted to the most well dressed man. How could this be? Well because there is a disconnect.
Your conscious mind is weeding out the jerks but your unconscious is looking for someone you'd look nice with perhaps, or has the security or wont mind splurging a bit. No one really knows. The truth is that neither of those two sources are wrong. It's just that either of them are incomplete. You need to consider both options in totality without shame or judgement. It is just who you are. If you don't it's you who is going to be unhappy. Your unconscious knows it and is trying its best to speak to you through your actions.

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