learning software my way

I believe learning to use a software should be easy, fun and quick.
I see software as a tool. To achieve a goal. But this change in perspective came only recently.
Just until two years ago I used to think of MS office and the Adobe suit as mammoths with a steep learning curve. It is only recent, this co-relation I made between the buttons on an Oven and the buttons in Photoshop.
How much time did you take to learn how to operate a hammer? a spatula? or an oven? I doubt you'd need more than one hand to count the numbers. If your end goal is a 1 hour job, learning the tools to achieve it should only be a fraction of that time.
Now do not be mistaken. Baking the worlds best pound cake or producing a chart topper, I'm not sure how long that would take. But learning how to use an oven or a piano? that, I can surely put a number on. A one digit number that too.

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