Why I don't believe in online degrees

I see multiple companies selling online 'diploma' courses.
I'm not against any of those but the idea of them irks me.
In my opinion, University and higher education degrees are as much about the core concepts as they are about networking and after class chats with the knowledgeable professors.
Its about building that one to one connection with those stake holders
MOOCs or even these online Diploma organisations for that mattee cannot provide you with this.
Hence the only thing they could be considered useful is learning the core concepts of a subject in an on-demand, point to point manner.
Also, the certificates and proof documents resulting from these hold close to minimum value when pitted against a full-time MBA
Yet we have these places mascarsding as 'the future University', No.

If core concepts and self learning is all that this place has to offer, then why pay them half of what you would a university? Why not just learn the traditional way of the internet - YouTube, ebooks, blogs and torrents

This I believe is the true case. Sooner or later the bubble will burst and the high price courses will all come to their true prices.

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