action and perception

We may often make one choice with our rational mind but end up practicing another. Sometimes these two things are exactly opposite. How could this be ? Which one is the correct one? Well, yes and yes. If someone is to ask you what kind of men are you into? you instant answer is - I'm really like intelligent men who are judicious with their spending but when in a social setting you are almost immediately attracted to the most well dressed man. How could this be? Well because there is a disconnect.
Your conscious mind is weeding out the jerks but your unconscious is looking for someone you'd look nice with perhaps, or has the security or wont mind splurging a bit. No one really knows. The truth is that neither of those two sources are wrong. It's just that either of them are incomplete. You need to consider both options in totality without shame or judgement. It is just who you are. If you don't it's you who is going to be unhappy. Your unconscious knows it and is trying its best to speak to you through your actions.

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