the deliberate decade

I woke up to a decade of being alive, alert and deliberate.

I was born in 95. Spend the next 5 years figuring out the people, world and goodness around me.

In 2010, I'd love to say I knew where I was but I didn't. Similarly, I spent the next 10 years dealing with basic education. Really just running away from school and studies.

In 2011, I was hoping the Mayans were gonna come through on their body of work. They didn't I spent the decade again dealing with education, just this time accepting it a bit more. Highlights of this decade has got to be relationships, love and emotions. It reached its peak in its last year where I steadily gained knowledge and awareness of my being. All things were either experienced or reviewed - money, sex, relationships, spirituality, career, purpose.

Today, 2020. Wow. I am here, analyzing my life, writing this note to myself.
Blessed is life.

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