A Pink Painted Sky

I looked and saw
A pink painted sky

How it called to me
As if it knew my name

And there—
I felt like home

I Am Hungry For You

I am hungry for you
Your taste, your smell
Your breath on my neck
A pulse in every wild nerve

I want to run with you
Under the moonlight
Sprint across the sands of time
Until exhaustion claims us both

And our love is a slumber
A bed made for two

Tonight, Through This Window

Tonight, through this window, I view
Your silhouette—and already
I yearn—no, I burn for you
I do. I yearn to press myself
Into your warmth, into your arms
To hold you until our light explodes
Like a thousand dying stars

When I See Your Face

When I see your face
When I touch your skin
I taste paradise on my tongue
The words tumble out of my mouth
Before I even think to hold them back
"This is everything," I whisper
Into the crook of your neck, "I need you."
And it's true, love fills me to the brim
It's enough to fill the emptiness
Of the Universe

For The Stars Knew Their Love

For the stars knew their love
Even before they were set in motion
Spinning around their orbits of light
Destined to collide in the night

Be Strong, My Love

Be strong, my love
For I will hold you now
Even at your worst

She Called Me Night

She called me Night
Because I loved the darkness
And I nicknamed her Luna
Because she reflected the sun

And by the nature of her light
Did I find the beauty of love
And with a promise of hope
Among the sky, I found the one

She was neither here, nor there
But in the crescent of my heart
Where heartbreak is but a myth
Forged stars, gorgeous and vast

And surely, I tell you this—
Our love is built to last

Our Time

Our time
In the grave
Is an eternity

Our present
But a blink
Of beauty

Maybe Tomorrow Is The Sky

Maybe tomorrow is the sky
A lightning bolt wake-up call
The day we finally decide to live
A life without regret and no worries
The day we finally decide to breathe

Beauty Is No Longer Ours

Beauty is no longer ours
When it enters the world
With eyes to see, it belongs
Not to us, but to them

We Love So Much

We love so much
And feel too much
That we end up
On most days
Feeling nothing
But the slow burn
Of exhaustion

On The Edge Of A Dream

On the edge of a dream
I lived a thousand lives
With her by my side

And when I awoke
She was gone
Like the breeze

We’re All Connected

We’re all connected in more ways than
we’ll ever imagine. Like lightning
striking from the sky. Or that spark that
lights a fire. Like the way she whispers
your name in the dark. Or how the beach
waves ride up to the shore on a moonless
night. Even the delicate chaos created
from a butterfly’s wings.

Among The Islands

Among the islands
Of friends and gratitude
I found my refuge

The Shadows Are Silent Tonight

The shadows are silent tonight
Where streetlights are too bright
So I stay inside my room alone
And cage my soul in loneliness

I Marvel At Your Existence

I marvel at your existence—
How do you nourish yourself
You must be so ravenous
Do you devour the sun, like I would
If you were within my reach