Don't seek riches, seek this instead

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Which means, if you want to keep your money, you need to be wise.

Thus, wisdom is the path to wealth.

People who seek riches get shipwrecked.

People who seek wisdom get wealth.

But it has to be comprehensive wisdom.

If you seek only wisdom on how to raise horses and nothing else, you probably won't gain wealth.

In all your getting, get wisdom, is what Solomon advocated.

Don't seek to get rich quick.

Seek to get wisdom quick.

It won't come quickly all at once, but you will see improvements immediately.

Wisdom, however, is a lifelong accumulation.

Spend years and years pursuing wisdom and one day, you'll be an overnight success.

Correct a fool and he will despise you. But teach a wise man and he will be yet wiser.

The question is, do you have enough wisdom to start pursuing wisdom?

It's a paradox. Only wise people seek wisdom, and become yet wiser.

Fools have no need of wisdom because they think themselves already wise.

Who are you? A fool who thinks himself clever? Or a wise person hungry for more wisdom?

It's a paradox, as all truth is.

If you're wise, you're hungry for more wisdom all the time.

Let's go!

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