A surreal experience after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once

A surreal experience after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once:

I was at OWL making my specs this afternoon, when a young woman comes in and says to me, "Excuse me, where is shop number 36?"

I looked at her dumbfounded. Was this a trick question?

Then the optometrist who was attending me said to her, "Uh, pardon?"

The young woman snapped to and said, "Uh, Starbucks?"

"Oh, just go straight there and go upstairs," said the optometrist, gesturing with his hand to the escalators.

The thing is, when I saw the girl walk into OWL, I was thinking, Sonia? Because she looked exactly like my friend Sonia, who herself is a twin.

Then when she opened her mouth and asked me the question, I was further thrown off balance. Why ask me, when I was sitting at the counter with various spectacle frames in front of me? Surely she could surmise I was a customer? Why not ask a security guard or the optometrist - someone who worked there - or the freaking INFORMATION COUNTER just outside OWL?

So my thought process was, Okay, not Sonia. Probably not Sonia's twin either. Does Sonia have a triplet that I didn't know about heretofore?

Then there was the actual content of the question itself. Why ask for the lot number instead of just saying, Excuse me, can you point me to STARBUCKS?

It was a surreal experience, especially after watching Everything Everywhere All At Once, a movie about a middle-aged woman who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a perilous mission to save the multiverse, with thousands of versions of herself in parallel universes, each one slightly different than the others.

Am I in the middle of an adventure to save the multiverse? Are there thousands of "me"s out there? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there's at least three Sonias!

Are there really thousands of mes out there?

The most likely conclusion is that this woman saw me and was so awestruck by my handsomeness that she felt compelled to ask me, the least likely candidate to enquire from, and my handsomeness fried her brain so that she asked for the lot number instead of one of the most recognisable brand names in all the world! Yes, that's the most logical conclusion. The other one being that the multiverse is real and there are thousands of versions of each of us bumbling around in parallel universes.

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