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Alpha Channels in Video

I looked around for any concrete information about including alpha channels (transparency) in video files. There's not a lot to be found easily out there, but I managed to figure out a format that works. I just use QuickTime MOV file format with an RGBA color space, and it seems to work and be supported in pretty much any software I tested it in. Good to know for the future, for video overlays/animations or other assets that need to be more flexible than just green screen animated videos whic...
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Making PWA Sites

My steps to make a website able to be added to home screen, standalone with an icon. Steps: Make or use a mobile friendly website. Don’t forget a viewport meta tag!Make an icon. Android Asset Studio is great for making simple icons quicklyGenerate icon sets with the 512p (or higher res) icon on something like Real Favicon GeneratorAdd the html code and upload the icons and manifestsReplace the icons in the generated manifest.json with the realfavicon generated ones if you use another generator...
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So, this is cool too! But will I use it? Maybe. ...
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