Where is Keynes's three-day workweek?

Famous economist the Right Honourable John Maynard Keynes predicted that we would all be working three days a week by now.

He did not predict the top-turd-in-the-toilet mentality that the human mind finds so effortlessly natural and which causes many of us to race, or push, our fellow humans to the bottom in an attempt to win some employer's fleeting favor.

Some day I'll write up a whole thing on my theories on why this is. And hopefully someone will tell me where this has already been studied so I can reference it and feel smart. But in the meantime, I feel like employers, politicians, popular people, dictators, bosses, everyone in some sort of position of power has figured out how to co-opt the enormous human need to cooperate with others to keep society together. (Honestly it's not hard. Apparently you just have to ask.) And we blindly oblige their every whim to our own personal detriment, to the detriment of our souls, and even to the detriment of society and the human race overall, contradicting the whole purpose of this social instinct to begin with!


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