Vain & Scared Adults

Join us in the world
Of so-called adults
Time to wash away
Your hope in the occult

There's wolves out here
Who wouldn't even care
They'll kill our best heroes
And leave us all scared

So do as you're told
Quit tryna be bold
People have perceptions
Don't give'em misconceptions

The wolves don't care
How much you have to share
How much you have to give
From a life of nightmares

Of a world so dark
It's hard to feel the pain
Where tiny little sparks
Could never light a flame

The person standing just
Can never make their claim
The mafia is real
A bullet in your brain

They'll mobilize the pack
You will be another snack
So throw away these books
And wipe away that look

Your pages filled with dreams
They'll tear'em at the seams
When you see what I've seen
You'll then know what I mean

Loneliness ensured
With hedonistic cures
Come fog your clarity
In our world of vanity

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