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A few weeks back, I went to my uncle's place and was shocked to see the dirty white console sitting on the TV table. The console for which we've fought tooth and nail to decide who gets the next turn. The console that made us feel like winners. It was still holding its shape after all these years with one functioning joystick and a 999999 in 1 cartridge plugged into it.

My cousin walked into the room and said the cartridge I used to play with as a kid - the mighty 76 in 1 cartridge was with him. I gave it away when my console gave up its life in 2005. Seeing the cartridge after 16 years brought back so many memories. I got my own video game console in 1997. Until then I used to go to my friends' houses to play. With the new console, I felt like I had all the power in the world.

The "Mikura" console cost 71100 back then. It was a huge amount of money. But, dad got it anyway because he doesn't want his son to go to random places just to play video games. I was given an allowance of 2 hours a day to play and I had the time of my life. The games were engaging, fun, and above all, made me feel less lonely.

I spent hours playing Super Mario, Contra, Donkey Kong Jr., Adventure Island, Spartan, Bomber man, Road fight, Karateka, Balloon fight, Street Fighter 12P, and so many wonderful games. I remember my dad telling "Just pressing the buttons is enough! Why are you moving your whole body while playing this game!" I did that whenever I played F-1 Race.

Back then, video games are what we lived for. I remember me and my cousin getting into a bloodbath of a fight to decide who gets the next turn.

Back then technology was a wonder. It was amazing to see your TV turn into a game console. It was amazing to see characters move on the screen based on your inputs. But, today, kids are exposed to technology from a very young age. Technology is not considered a wonder. It has become a normal thing. A basic right. Technology lost its exclusivity.

I would give anything to go back in time and play one more game of Contra with my childhood friends. The time when technology was still a wonder.

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