#50 Our Routine Burns Us Out

Today, there are a zillion ways to pass time compared to my childhood where I grew up without cable TV, computer, internet, or a smartphone. But, despite having everything, I’m disinterested or distracted most of the time.

At one point I seriously doubted if I have a medical condition. I’d even googled to see if I have attention deficit disorder. And, like most google search adventures, it supported my view. Well done, Google!

At first, I thought it was just me. But, later, when talking to a friend, I realized others have also felt it. They’re tired, distracted, and feel burned out. 

Made me wonder why this is happening to us!

It is because it is the first time in our lives we've lived so long at our homes. Since our childhood, we'd always wandered around - school, college, job, meeting friends, going to a concert, a picnic lunch etc. 

We stayed out for a huge part of our day and came back home. The same worked for home makers. Everyone left home and they had the house to themselves. Home was our sanctuary. It was a big part of our routine, but we didn't realize it. Home was never a burden, until the pandemic.

During pandemic, we realized that instead of becoming a sanctuary, home has become a prison. We started to realize our routine we never knew existed. We get up, get ready, and stay home. We started to feel the burden of this routine and it wore us out. Result? We become burned out. And with nothing else to do except stare at our screens all day, our mind is finding a way out. This causes disinterest and distraction. 

Is there a way to fix it? I don’t know. I haven’t figured it out. Maybe it is a phase. Things will become alright once the world gets back on track. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to evolve to live with the routine. 

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