hittin' the road out of nowhere

3: Inspiration of the Living/Dead

I find myself sitting and staring lost in the emptiness of my mind. A universe once filled it and somehow the awe began to shrink and the lost screams began to grow. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of the final sand grain.

It is taking my all to not punt this post until another time when I am not between shifts, grasping for words, and knowing full well that the Delay and Intention were the forefathers of this Nothing that eaten the possibilities and connections. Motivation withered.

My personal demons kept me away from the greater fight. The false enemies within abolished and the hardest part of the war to be has just begun. I have to rebuild that universe and make it anew. I have to integrate myself with it and turn it outward into action.

2: Nothing to see here

I wish that I could say that today's post was brought to you by experience, intense thought, and thrills before the winter chills; however,
this is just a motivational version bump. It is a "don't break the effort of habit while finishing a day reflective of past poetry" or
as Robert Burns had put it: "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley ...".

1: Hello

Give me this day, my daily distraction from the confines of required form and overthought. A textual mental stray is needed for the birth of new ambition and the recollection of the self prematurely considered gone.