A Change Of Pace


Every once in a while we all need a change of pace. Sometimes, we might need to accelerate; do more, faster, more decisively. Other times, there might be a need to slow down, deccelerate.

All of that is completely normal. Life is evolving, and so are we. We need to adapt and appreciate the changes all around us. Understanding and appreciating this is not particularly hard, for most.

What is hard on the other hand is realizing when to change pace. When we're caught up in the tasks and chores of the daily life, it might be very hard ro realize the need for such a change. Usually, this self-realization occurs when it's too late; either when we get left behind because of a slow pace, or when we burn out due to a fast one.

Noticing the clues early is hard. It requires practice. One needs to practice for years to truly understand his or her internal and external clues for such a change. The early ones are usually very small and easy to look over. Regularly setting aside some time to listen deeply to your body, mind, and soul is very important in this case. Only through that you'll be able to find the clues and adapt your behavior quickly.

Of course, our goal is not to be in a constant state of worry: oh I can't figure out if I should slow down or not!? What if I crash??. It's simply to be a little bit more proactive than most.

Just a little bit more mindful about your life.

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