Collections of posts around the same topic. Think of them like tags, or categories. It's quite hard to categorize my posts; you'll see some appear in multiple collections. See all of my posts in the archive.

Milestone posts:

One More Step 600

This Is My Book 500

Another Hundred Is Not A Big Deal 400

The Never-ending Walk 365

Before I switched to English:

Ciągłość absolutna 300

Do końca świata i jeszcze dalej 200

100 dni 100

On balance:

WTF Is Balance?

Gaining Perspective

Probing Your Capacities

Too Thin

No Pursuit

The Void

On habits/consistency:

One Day, And One Day Only

Cyclical Life

Inconsistency Hurts

Old Patterns

On values and essence:

Lesson 12: Flexibility

Open Foundations



On letting go and scale:

Could It All End Now?

Let Live

Lesson 8: Control

Grow Small

Abandoning Perfection

Impact = Footprint?

On pain:

The Transience Of Pain


Lesson 13: Anxiety

Transform The Pain

On writing:

A Writer's Life

Running Out Of Ideas


The Peaks, The Valleys

Great Stories

Slow Observer