Inconsistency Hurts


I never was the "sporty" guy. Sure, I did love cycling and I was pretty good at yoga, but, in the end, I just never "clicked" on exercise. My family wasn't sporty either.

During the past 1.5 years I started to slowly build, step by step, a habit of exercise. I go on daily walks, work standing up, and work out (almost) every day. It made me feel much better; more confident, more present, and more capable.

Let's jump to today's story.

Since early July, I had this unbroken streak of everyday exercise. While I have been exercising much more frequently during the past 1.5 years, an unbroken streak of thirty days was something I've not seen before.

But, as all streaks do (excluding this blog - so far), it did end eventually. Five days ago, I just didn't do any exercise, and just barely moved at all.

If this was just one day, I probably wouldn't notice it. I don't exercise super hard, and don't have any specific goals. Just exercising for the sake of the exercise.

Yesterday, I got back at it again. Took things lightly, knowing my muscles weren't in their best condition. Stretched diligently.

Oh man, it hurt so bad after the workout. I felt every muscle group I worked on so vividly. I went to bed praying it'd all get better today morning.

It did, thankfully, but I still felt the pain today, especially while exercising and doing work around the house.

Inconsistency hurts, literally. Putting stuff off and believing in the power of tomorrow doesn't really work. If you truly care about something, do it now. After that, repeat it as often as you can. As hard as you can.

If not, what else it there to do?

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