Gaining Perspective


A few days ago I expressed my admiration for the incredibly dynamic lives most of us live. Sure, it may be tiring, but still, we do a lot.

Yet, there's one big downside of constant motion; not being able to see the bigger picture.

It's just impossible to focus your attention both at the things moving all around you and the larger picture. One needs to stop, detangle, and gain perspective.

Gaining perspective is a process I started to particularly enjoy these past few months. Getting away from current thoughts, from people chasing me. It's just so... blissful.

Before, all of this took a lot of effort. I had to really focus on getting away. Now, for some reason I can't yet comprehend, it just happens. I stop worrying, going in circles.

I have a feeling this might be due to some environmental design I did this year. If that's it, then it's paying off.

Forever grateful for that blessing.

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