Abandoning Perfection


Perfection, no matter how we imagine it, is impossible to achieve in this world. There's always something to improve, period. Of course, everything has a state of good enough, but perfection, as a state, is unachievable. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool, sorry.

It took me a while to realize this, I admit. A few years. Or even more, who knows really. Maybe I'm still sometimes not getting it? Either way, it's not that easy to say au revoir to perfection.

When I look at people who've not yet realized this, a lot of feelings arise. Sometimes I feel like looking down on them. But that's stupid. All I should be doing is help them see that in most areas of life, they're already good enough. There's no need to be perfect. Growth is pretty cool, but it may quickly become unhealthy.

Wake up from the dream. Calm down from the nightmare. Life is here, right here, nowhere else. Think about today, about this very second.

No tripping over perfection.

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