An Internal Battle


Sometimes I fight. Rarely with other people, more often with myself.

I fight about all kinds of things. Sometimes they're menial, sometimes they're visionary. But, to be honest, most often I'm fighting about some unimportant thingy thing. Ah, the beauty of being human.

In a normal fight, one of the parties has to lose while the other has to win. It wouldn't be a fight without that. But, what happens if there's only one party? In this case, me?

Welp, it doesn't usually go so well. Fighting is tiring, and so, I loose a lot of energy over that. Sure, when I'm fighting about something important, then I might say it is energy well spent. But usually it ain't, as I mentioned before.

But, in the end, a fight can be transformative. Even if there's no clear winner, the exchange of thoughts is a healthy thing to do. Just keep it in balance with the other stuff.

Fight, because the non-fighters don't know what it means to win.

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