I consumed a shit ton of content today. Maybe it's hard to admit, but that's what happened. I'm sick (looks like the common cold, but who knows, mighe be even COVID), and so I've been sitting all day in the house. Which was a pretty unusual experience for me - even during quarantine I was going out everyday (I live far away from other people).

Needless to say, I couldn't focus on almost anything important all day. Other than writing this blog post, I truly didn't do anything meaningful today. Oh, I took a shower - that's it.

But I did do something, right? I consumed a shit ton of content. Watched countless YouTube vidoes (hasn't happened in a while), listened to a couple of podcasts, read too many Twitter threads. Un-intentional living at its highest. Well, gotta write today off as a meh day.

All of this made me think again about my ratio of consumption vs creation. How much time I spend on reading, listening, watching versus how much I write, record, publish.

Normally I think this ratio should stay at about 6:4 for me. 60 percent of the time consuming, 40 percent creating. But today this looked more like 99:1. How poor.

The idea of this ratio was one of the things that motivated me to write every day for the past 488 days. What strikes me is that for so many people this 99:1 ratio is the norm. They don't speak their minds, just sit and watch. A mind that cannot express itself is a dead mind.

Let's not be brain-dead, aye?

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