Emotions are a very human thing. We all have them, no matter how "rough" or "concrete" we may seem to others. There's no denying of that fact. Emotions help us understand how things truly are, through deeper connection and consideration. Most of our emotions can be labeled either as positive or negative, yet, most days, we get a gray soup consisting of all of them.

What we feel needs to play out. Inside, and outside our whimsy self. Keeping them in, forcing them to stay buried somewhere deep inside never works. While it may seem like a quick fix when we're bleeding, it may result in something much, much worse later.

When positive emotions cannot play out, it becomes harder and harder to enjoy life. Because, all in all, what is joy if you can't feel it? It's like suffocating a singing bird.

The result of trying to bury negative emotions is even worse. When bad things pile up, inflammation occurs. Everything rots, and keeps on going through our mind and soul, leaving nothing to spare. Someday, it might take over the entirety of our own self; create a state of severe depression and anxiety seemingly impossible to battle.

When you're happy, smile, dance, laugh. When you're upset, cry, shout, swear.

Life is short, trying to bury emotions, and keep them for later is a fool's job.

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