I often catch myself thinking Oh, I've done this before.

Of course, it happens in all variety of moments. But more often than not, it happens when I'm starting to write for this blog.

My default response when I think of writing about a topic I've written before is don't do it again, be original. It's almost obvious to discard a reappearing thought as a mere shortcut to publishing a post. I want every single post to be thoughtful, inspiring, thought-provoking. And I somehow feel that a post about the same topic would not deliver.

Only recently I realized this goes directly against all my principles of attaining knowledge. Topics should be rediscovered, rewritten. When we come back to something we've already done with new insights, different angles, it's always valuable to improve them. Leaving something behind forever, just because we've already done that is an idea as stupid as it gets. If all knowledge, after primary exploration, would get left behind, then we'd never get to where we are now, as humanity.

The nature of this blog doesn't really allow me to go back and re-write a post. But it allows me to build a new layer, sort of.

On layers we build, notoriously trying to reach the sky.

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