Panic & Ignorance


As we're dealing with a second wave of Covid, I'm starting to see how most of us are divided among panic and ignorance.

The panickers are worried about every little thing, about hospitals being more full than in Septmber, higher education closing, etc. They're afraid to touch any public surface, constantly spraying everything with disinfectant. A trip to the grocery store is a stressful thing for them. Constant stress and misery, how bad.

And then they're the ignorant ones. "Covid doesn't exist", "It's not harmful". We've all heard that by now. The problem is, quite a lot of people are like that. Masks? Hell no, unless somebody will force us. Total ignorance and denial of fact.

Why isn't the third way more popular? A way of not letting fear consume us, of not shutting down our lives, but also taking precautions, adhering to the rules. All in a mindful, calm manner. Sure, bad things can happen to anyone, anytime. But at least we shouldn't let fear kill us before Covid does.

Panic and ignorance sell well.

Common sense doesn't.

We are doomed.

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